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Friday, December 30, 2011

An Example Of The Galvanic Cell Problem

This problem was given by my friend, I will post it in here so that we can discuss about this problem.

A Galvanic Cell with its cell notation is: Pt, H2 (P = 1atm) | H+ || Ag+ (1M)| Ag(s) at Room Temperatur is dipped into a buffer solution which is consist of Benzoate Acid - Sodium Benzoate. This cell gives Ecell = 1.03 Volt. The Eored of Ag+ | Ag is 0.80 Volt.

1. Calculate the pH of that Buffer Solution
2. Calculate the value of Ecell when the cell is dipped into a solution of 0.01 M NaOH.

To answer those questions above, see the picture above.

(Source: http://www2.ucdsb.on.ca/tiss/stretton/graphics/H2_Zn_Standard_redox.jpg)
(With a few changes)

This is the description of our problem.
Pt, H2 (P = 1atm) | H+ || Ag+ (1M)| Ag(s)
Means that:

Now we get the formula (Please read about Nernst Equation), it's time to determine the pH of the buffer solution.

Now what will happen if the solution is changed to NaOH?
Because the data aren't complete like the Ksp of Ag(OH), I have to neglect many factors so that the only affected species was the concentration of H+.


  1. saya cuma mau tanya, itu persamaan nerst kan menggunakan K (tetapan kesetimbangan)
    nahh, K di sini apa bukan berbentuk begini..

    [H^+]^2 dibagi P H2 dan [Ag^+]^2

    mohon bantuannya, maaf jika saya salah ^^

  2. Terima kasih atas koreksinya, iya saya yang kurang teliti. Tapi kabar baiknya perhitungan tidak berpengaruh karena konsentrasi Ag+ = 1 M :)