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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


What do you think if you hear PURE hydrochloric acid? It's too dangerous, too acid, etc. Yes you're right. Now, what do you think if you hear Pure Sulfuric Acid? Dangerous than HCl and very exothermic.

Now let me ask you, could you calculate the pH of 2 M HCl? You won't answer my question with -0,693, will you?

No. Sorensen just makes the pH range between 0 until 14. We can calculate pH of solution more than 1 M so that we call that solution as a concentrated solution. And the bad news is, this calculation only works for Arrhenius Acid.

Okay, we will enter to our topic now.
There are several liquids which have a really real acidic property, there is about 106 – 1010 times bigger than nitric and sulfuric acid. We call this acid as Superacids. To calculate the acidic level of this acid, of course we won't use Sorensen Formula, we will use another formula called Hammet Acidic Function.

B = Base Indicator
BH+ = Conjugated Acid of Base

We can say this formula as the expanded pH scale under pH = 0. With this formula, we can calculate the acidic level of pure sulfuric acid is -12, 1012 times bigger than 1M Sulfuric Acid.

Until now, the strongest superacid fount is the magic acid which is the 1:1 molar mixture of HSO3F and SbF5. This solution has the acidic level of Ho = -19,4. In experiments, superacids can be used to "proton-ing" molecules which is not a usual base. See the picture below:

Here is a question for you (Preparatory Problems of IChO 2012):

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Preparatory Problems of IChO 2012

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