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Monday, January 02, 2012

Analysis of Hydrogen Sulfide Gas in the Air

Hydrogen Sulfide gas is a colorless and toxic pollutant gas. To determine the composition of this gas in the air, an amount of air bubble is flowed into an excess of Cadmiun Acetate solution. Yellow precipitates are formed. The precipitate is reacted with Iodine in an unknown concentration of Potassium Iodide solution. The color of Iodine is gone and the yellowish colloids are formed. The non reacted Iodine is titrated with a solution of Sodium Thiosulfate within Strach solution as the indicator. This process is quantitative.

In another experiment, 2.68 liter of a sample of air (calculated at 297 K and 98.0 kPa) is flowed as the air bubble to the Cadmium Acetate solution. The precipitates produced is titrated with 20.0 mL of 0.08226 M solution of Iodine in Potassium Iodide. This titration needs 15.80 mL of 0.1085 M solution of Sodium thiosulfate.

1. Write the ionic reactions which are the representation of the reactions in this analysis.
2. Calculate the volume of the Hydrogen Sulfide gas at STP in the sample.
3. Calculate the mass presentation of hydrogen sulfide in the air (Assume that the mean of air molecules' weight is 29 g mol-1).
4. State the concentration of Hydrogen Sulfide in ppm.
5. Draw the Lewis structure of Hydrogen Sulfide.

In Hydrogen Sulfide, the bond angle of H - S - H is less than 96.1o . Meanwhile, the bond angle of H - O - H is about 105o.

6. Explain why the angle bond of H - S - H is less compare with the angle bond of H - O - H

Final Test of Pelatnas I IChO 2012

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